My grandfather built this house, 37 years ago, on the top of a hill called Coll d’es Pi. It is in this idilic spot where I spent most of my childhood and have many cherished memories.

Coll d’es Pi has witnessed my birth, my growth, my marriage  and it's also giving the opportunity of living precious moments to my two treasures.

Come and enjoy some stunning nature with your children, where you will experience delightful mornings followed by warm afternoons while listening to the cheerful sounds of nature such as the gentle singing of the birds. Where everywhere you look there are almond trees, olive trees, carob trees and rosemary.

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Look at the video about the Weekend that Con mirada de madre team spend at thefinca. www.conmiradademadre.com

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Estellencs, Ma-10 km 95800

Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain


TEL: 0034-670 312 918   

E-MAIL: colldespi@gmail.com

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October 2016

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